Pantomime – end of year family show

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
Adapted for the stage by Joseph Robinette

Our annual family show is back for 2022!

We are currently monitoring the Covid restrictions in regards to capacity at our venue.  Normally, the end of year family show includes a large cast and crew of around 40 people, plus the audience at any given performance. Because we have not had a show for over two years, we’re bringing it forward to August 2022.

 With the show scheduled to go ahead in August 2022, we hope that limits for indoor performances will increase by this time in order to allow the normal production to go ahead.

More information will be provided around joining and roles.  We are planning on commencing rehearsals from term 2 2022. Please keep an eye on this website for updated information.

Charlotte’s Web tells the story of a pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte. When Wilbur is in danger of being slaughtered by the farmer, Charlotte writes messages praising Wilbur in her web in order to persuade the farmer to let him live.

Charlotte’s Web is considered a classic of children’s literature, enjoyable to adults as well as children.  The book is listed as the best-selling children’s paperback of all time.

Every year our family show, with kids and adults performing gets bigger and bigger and this year will be bigger than ever.  Season opening August 2022.


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