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A Conversation

Season: 5-20 October 2018
Written by: David Williamson
Directed by: Lee Cook

Cast: Adrian Valenta (Jack Manning), Peter Pranga (Derek Milsom), Lisa Whitney (Barbara Milsom), Tess Maur (Lorin Zemanek), Steven Saxton (Mick Williams), Kerry  Davies (Coral Williams), Ron Fenton (Bob Shorter), Kadey McIntosh (Gail Williams)

A Conversation – the second play in Williamson’s Jack Manning trilogy – explores the use of community conferencing, a process where an offender and his victim discuss the perpetrator’s actions and attempt to find a resolution.

Scott is imprisoned for the rape and murder of a young woman and his struggling single mother Coral arranges a meeting with the victim’s upper-class parents and the prison psychologist who counselled her son. Coral asks Jack Manning to mediate but things gets off to a bumpy start when it’s revealed she may have an ulterior motive.

An amateur production by arrangement with Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.


Powderkeg Youth Theatre Production

Season: 17-25 November 2018

Powderkeg Youth Theatre proudly presents All for Peter Pan this November.

Come along to what will be a series of fun afternoons that will take you back to your childhood. Share the thrill of live performance with your favourite young ones by bringing them along.

Most importantly, support the future generation of actors who bravely grace the Powderkeg stage like many before them.

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