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The Beast

Season: 4-13  April 2019
Written by: Eddie Perfect
Directed by: Terese Maurici

2019 Victorian Drama Awards Entry

Cast:the cast annoucement

We’re excited to announce our first production of 2019 is The Beast by Eddie Perfect, gracing the Powderkeg stage from the 4th to the 13th April.

We welcome multi-award winning director Terese Maurici back to Sunshine for the first time since the 2012 production of Breathing Corpses.

The Beast by Eddie Perfect is a black comedy, centred around three middle-class, couples who after a near death experience decided to wipe the slate clean by embracing a tree-change.

Commissioned and premiered by the Melbourne Theatre Company in 2013, this is a cutting, modern day satire that shatters our ideas of morality, with a hilarious rant on urban culture, organic lifestyles and infidelity.

The close friends decide to celebrate their new lives with a nose-to-tail dinner party, purchasing an Angus calf but the butcher fails to arrive.

The environmentally conscious, ristretto-sipping, kale-eating friends are then faced with the pressing task of killing the young cow. This kick starts a chain reaction that will see them confront some ugly and shocking truths.

the beast banner



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