DATES Sunday December 1st 3-5pm and Monday December 2nd 7.30pm
Auditions for Powderkeg’s 2020 March season of Cider With Rosie
by Laurie Lee, adapted by James Roose-Evans.
Directed by Liz Lipski
Show dates: Friday March 13th to Saturday March 21st
Auditions: Sunday December 1st 3-5pm and Monday December 2nd 7.30pm
Venue: Dempster Park Hall, 82 Phoenix Street North Sunshine
Laurie Lee’s autobiographical novel, adapted for the stage by James Roose-Evans, is an account of the author’s blissful childhood in an isolated Cotswold village.
It evokes the simplicity and innocence of a vanished, rural world. Rich in the book’s evocative descriptions of country life, the play’s narration re-creates incidents of a young boy’s life that are sometimes comic, sometimes nostalgic, but all percipient of a world that would shortly be changed forever by the First World War.
For audition information about the play contact or by Facebook.
To book an audition time or request a different time if you’re not available contact the director Liz Lipski on
Narrator (Laurie): 29 and over
Loll “Little Laurie”: 12-15 years old (teenager)
Jack: 19 to 40 years old
Squire: 50 years plus Also plays Vincent, Spagde, Vicar
Tony: 25-40 years old
Mother: 30 to 58 years old, the central character.
Marge:18 to 49 years old Also plays Mrs Davis, Mrs Pimbury (singing required) Rosie
Doth: 18 to 50 years old Also plays Granny Wallon, Miss B (school teacher) Baroness Von Hodenberg (singing required)
Phyl: 18 to 50 years old Also plays Granny Trill, Miss Wardley (school teacher) Jo (girlfriend)
“Laurie” (Narrator)
The narrator for the show, Laurie takes us down memory lane of growing up in the country side, narrating the action of his childhood. The role involves substantial talking to the audience and leading the story from the front. Suitable for strong lead male role of almost any age, who can hold an audience. Seniors welcome!
Male, aged 29 and over
“Mother” (little Laurie’s mother)
Mother is the central ‘mother’ character in the play and the most important person in Laurie’s life as he grows up. A strong independent female lead role. A loving, caring, disciplined mother who is at the centre of the world. Suitable to strong women with stage presence.
Female, aged 30 to 58
The eldest sister of young Laurie, Marge is an organiser, somewhat tall and dreamily gentle, her voice low and slow and she never knew her to lose her temper. She was a natural mother and skilled herself with her needle, a steady flame, always reassuring. Suitable for a young (tall) female actor, lead romantic-lead type. Blonde is preferable
Female, aged 18 to 49
Doth (Dorothy) is the giggler. A wispy imp, as pretty and as perilous as a firework. Compounded equally of cheek and curiosity, her quick dark body seemed writ with warmth. She was an active forager who lived on thrills, provoked adventure, and brought home gossip. Laurie’s second oldest sister, an important a crucial role for an upcoming young female actor with confidence.
Female, aged 18 to 50
Phyl is the cool, quiet, fragile girl, who carried her good looks with an air of apology. She was quick to admire something her siblings had done, and very slow to complain. Young, beautiful, caring. Suitable for a young female actor who can portray a quiet character with purpose.
Anyone, aged 18 to 50
Jack is Laurie’s brother. Jack was jumpy and slippery and skinny, a larger than life type of character who overshadows Laurie Suitable for a keen and loud young or older male actor.
Male, aged 19 to 40
A role for an older aged male actor. The centres on ‘Squire’ but has a number of small parts. A confident, assured, experienced old male actor is perfect for this.
Male, aged 45 and over

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