Auditions: Yours Truly by Albert Belz 


Sunday December 5th 2pm – 4pm
Monday December 6th 7pm- 10pm 
Venue: Dempter Park Hall
82 Phoenix Street North Sunshine
Auditions will be solo with the director David Collins, a member of the theatre company support team.
Contact direct David Collins for an audition booking!
or phone 0423 505 980

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Powderkeg Players present Yours Truly by Albert Belz directed by David Collins March 26 – April 10, 2022.

Yours Truly is a gothic love story of betrayal, sacrifice, power and of man’s desire for immortality.
The play is set in Victorian London, 1888, during Jack the Ripper’s ‘Autumn of Terror.’
When the Prince of England falls in love, the gates of Hell are flung open and the Devil stalks the streets of London, killing and viciously mutilating women.
Only the artist Walter Sickert can stop The Ripper, but in order to do so, he must sacrifice the woman he loves and open himself to the Devil.
Audition will be in December 2021
2 x Males age 20s
1 x Male age 50s/60s
2 x Female age 20s
1 x Females age late teens/20s
SICKERT (Walter Richard Sickert)M, 20s
An English artist of some repute. Well spoken, a friend of Eddy’s.
EDDY (Prince Albert Edward Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale)M, 20s
Prince of England, Grandson of Queen He dresses with plenty of collars and cuffs.
Eddy falls in love with Annie Crook.
He has a slight stutter that only becomes apparent when stressed.
ANNIE (Annie Crook)F, Late teens/early 20s.
Shop girl who falls in love with Eddy.
MARIE (Mary Jane Kelly)F, 20s.
A Whitechapel sex worker with a little education (she can read and write).
Sometimes poses for Sickert, her lover is Maria Harvey.
HARVEY (Maria Harvey) F, 20s.
Lives with Marie Kelly as her lover. They look and sound similar to each other.
GULL (Sir William Withey Gull) M, 50s/60’s.
Queen Victoria’s surgeon. A formidable presence.
Note About Accents
English accents required for all roles. Eddy and Gull are upper-class, Sickert is upper/middle-
class, and Annie, Marie, and Harvey are all East-End lower-class.
Brimbank City Council only allows access to venues for fully vaccinated participants. Covid 19 Vaccination certificates are required upon (first) entry.
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