3 audition notice with seth and mel

Powderkeg Players One Act Play #pkp1ap 2020 are coming in June!

Three plays are:

The Dog by Brendan Cowell – directed by George Benca

Foreign Bodies by Andy Harmsen – directed by George Benca

Fire Exit by Stacie Lents – directed by Gemma Francis

For audition inquiries, please contact the directors directly on:

George Benca:  Gemma Francis:


Auditions dates:

Sunday 1st March 3.00pm

Monday 2nd March 7.00pm

Venue: Dempster Park Hall 82 Phoenix St North Sunshine

Three plays in total and 12 roles to fill!  Show dates in early June with possibility of touring the Victorian One Act Play Circuit

The Dog

Synopsis – Written by Brendan Cowell (Rueben Guthrie). This is a story about an odd couple of housemates. Ben (a depressed writer) and Marcus (hipster dating app designer), the terrier they co-own and the woman they encounter in a London park.


Ben – An Australian living in London (Age range 25-35)

Marcus – A hipster app designer (Age range 25-35) English accent

Miracle – A university lecturer (Age range 25-35) English accent


Foreign Bodies

Synopsis – Set in a hotel room in Mumbai, retired American porn star, Arizona Snow, awaits the arrival of Martin, a young Australian journalist, to discuss her recent New York Times bestseller.


Arizona Snow – Retired Porn actress. (Age range 25-40) Standard American accent

Martin Morecombe – A young journalist from Australia Age range 25-35


Fire Exit
Everybody at Westfeild High School thinks they know what happened the day of the fire.  Fire exit opens in teh aftermath as the community faces what appears to be a prank gone wrong.  But as the kids and adults open up about their lives through a series of poignant and often funny monologues, Fire Exit is a powerful ensemble piece that proves things, and people, aren’t always what they seem.


RUDY (M-teen)- goofy, energetic, charming. Likable, but makes lots of mistakes. Jokes a lot, but cares deeply about his friends.

MORGAN (F-teen)- confident, dramatic, opinionated, prone to exaggerate. Passionate about journalism and social media. Appears superficial, but is sharper than people assume. Cares about the truth.

HELEN (F-teen)- shy, slow to make friends, very loyal. Big hearted, but strongest when caring for others. Is stronger rhan she knows.

DEVIN (M-teen)- athletic, strong, honourable. Admires his father more than anyone in the world. Is braver than he realises.

JANICE (F-teen)- perfectionist, petrified of failure. A hummingbird of energy, afraid if she ever stops she’ll fall. Actually exhausted, wants to have a reason to give up the fight.

BOBBIE (M/F-teen)- excellent at math, numbers, logic. Extremely steady and consistent, almost obsessive. Gets stuck when analysis/statistics fail them.

PRINCIPAL EVANS (M/F- adult)- firm leader, decent to their core. Wants to defend and protect the school and students. Fears loss of control. MR/S JENKINS (M/F- adult,40+) parent. Defined by their love for their children






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