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The Beast – by Eddie Perfect, directed by Tess Maurici has now closed to amazing audience reviews!

L-R Julia Lambert as Marg, Kylie Ryan as Sue and Caitlin Yolland and Gen, with Angus the calf.
 L-R Julia Lambert as Marg, Kylie Ryan as Sue, Rob Lloyd as Rob, James Antonas as Simon, Angus the calf, Div Collins as Baird.
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After smash hit ‘THE BEAST’ written by Eddie Perfect & directed by Tess Maur, Powderkeg Players is extremely excited to announce auditions for our next & final theatrical production of 2019. Powderkeg Players is all about staging Theatre that Light’s a Fuse, so we’re set to pretty much blow this year up, by following up our bloody fantastic first season with a play that is sure to make your teeth ache…..


Enquiries: rew1985@gmail.com or 0431 407 475

PRODUCED BY POWDERKEG PLAYERS  Instagram: @the_beast_powderkegplayers facebook: Powderkeg Players


Powderkeg Players Theatre, Dempster Park Hall, 82 Phoenix St, Sunshine North

AUDITIONS? MAY 13TH & 15TH 2019 from 7pm WHO? 2 F (25-40yrs) 2 M (25-40yrs) SEASON? Oct 1Oth – 19th 2019

sold out

After surviving a nasty near-death experience, a group of 30-somethings decide it’s time for a change of scenery, upping stumps to invest in a tree-change. The couples swap the hustle and bustle of inner city Melbourne for the quiet calm of the countryside, to dabble in sustainable produce and dress in farm-chic designer wear on the reg.

But the laws of nature are often brutal, as is the gruesome task the friends are faced with when they must slaughter a young cow! What happens next will shock and horrify, as some startling truths begin to reveal themselves as utter carnage unfolds on stage.

Commissioned and premiered by the Melbourne Theatre Company in 2013, this is a razor sharp, modern black comedy written for a uniquely Melbourne audience. Full of references everyone including the hipster-elite among us will no doubt understand, The Beast will rip your notions of morality to shreds with it’s hilarious rant on urban culture, organic lifestyles and infidelity.

WARNING: No living creatures are harmed during the performances, however there will be high levels of graphic violence and stage blood, so proceed with caution!


Rob Lloyd as ROB
James Antonas as SIMON
Julia Lambert as MARGE
Ben Mitchell as THE SKIPPER
Caitlin Yolland as GEN
Div Collins as BAIRD

Tickets at https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=462066t’

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President: Stephen Andrews

Secretary: Gemma Francis

Contact: powderkegplayers@gmail.com

Born in Melbourne’s west, the Powderkeg Players date back to the 70s and 80s where they staged several plays a year to a packed audience. We began life as the Dear Park Drama Group after a group of parents and teachers put on a Christmas production at Deer Park Primary school in 1971.  The play was so well received that the group negotiated a lease with the Commonwealth Department of Supply on the Albion Explosive Factory on Station Road. With a small grant from the Sunshine City Council, the group turned the empty hall into the Powderkeg Playhouse and their home.

Opening in 1973, the Powderkeg Playhouse was a named in tribute to it’s former life as an explosive factory and shortly after the Deer Park Drama Group changed their name to Powderkeg Players. For the next two and half decades the playhouse saw 85 productions and became the spiritual home of amateur theatre in Melbourne’s west. The group produced up to five shows a year with each dragging in an audience of almost one thousand people a season. It was at this time that the Powderkeg Players recognised the wider western suburbs community and decided to change their name Sunshine Community Theatre (SCT).

In 1998 the Powderkeg Playhouse was condemned and demolished, sending Sunshine Community Theatre searching for a new home. By the early 2000s a new multi-purpose venue was found in the heart of North Sunshine, at Dempster Park Hall. The group shared the venue with other community groups, which now meant they had to pack away the set and stage, each night after a performance and re-set it again the following day. ‘Bumping in’ and ‘bumping out’ on a daily basis in the same venue and other challenges contributed to lesser productions for the company.

A new wave began to develop towards the end of the 2000s as a young generation of talented locals joined the company which revived the enthusiasm in long standing members.  SCT started to grow again, winning the 2015 VDL Gold Award for Best Drama Production, for Ruben Guthrie, written by Brendan Cowell and directed by Racheal Holt.

Members have often reminisced about the glory days at the Powderkeg Playhouse, so in 2018 Sunshine Community Theatre decided to honour its past and change its name back to the Powderkeg Players, coming full circle.  2018 produced the award winning one act play ‘Slut’ by Patricia Cornelius and directed by Natasha Boyd.  Slut won one act play festivals at Macedon, Dandenong, South Gippsland and Seymour among a slew of other awards making it the most sucessful production ever staged by SCT/Powderkeg Players.




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