The Beast

After surviving a nasty near-death experience, a group of 30-somethings decide it’s time for a change of scenery, upping stumps to invest in a tree-change. The couples swap the hustle and bustle of inner city Melbourne for the quiet calm of the countryside, to dabble in sustainable produce and dress in farm-chic designer wear on the reg.


Rob Lloyd as ROB
James Antonas as SIMON
Julia Lambert as MARGE
Ben Mitchell as THE SKIPPER
Caitlin Yolland as GEN
Div Collins as BAIRD




All For Peter Pan

By Stephen Andrews, Directed by Gemma Francis

November 17-25 2018

Our annual youth theatre show took on the J.M. Barrie classic of the boy who wouldn’t grow old.

“Peter Pan is a boy for no one else.  No one not any, but only himself.  The years mean nothing without cause, for Peter Pan lives outside these walls.”

Photo’s by Nic Duffy and Stephen Andrews



A Conversation

By David Williamson, Directed by Lee Cook

October 5-20 2018

Would you sit in the same room as the man who murdered your child, let alone have a conversation?  This creates fertile ground for drama with anger, loss, confusion and hate all making an appearance.

Will they be able to find a way forward?

Cast: Peter Prenga, Liza Balzar Whitney, Kerry Davis, Terese Maurici, Adrian Valenta, Connor Byrn, Ron Fenton, Kadey McInstosh.




By Patrica Cornelius, directed by Natasha Boyd

Slut was inaugural entry onto the One Act Play Festival circuit around Victoria in 2018. This 45 min play focuses on the central character ‘Lolita’ and a chorus of young women who watch her rise and her final devastating fall.

Slut was tremendous success and won Best Production at the One Act play festivals in Macedon, Dandenong, South Gippsland and Seymour.  Runner Up at Anglesea.

Natasha Boyd won Best Director three times.

The cast won a swag of acting and ensemble awards

Cast: Jacki Lombardo, Julia Lambert, Casey Bohan, Reschelle O’Connor, Malaynee Hayden

Photo’s by Shane Anthony Photography

The Adam/Even Protocl

Written and Directed by Donna Prince

June 2018

The first of our one act plays for 2018 in an original production by Donna Prince. Adam/Eve explores the human condition of relevance in the context of an uncertain future.

Cast: Lee Cook, Kadey McInstosh

Photo’s by Shane Anthony Photography

Agnes Of God  by Pielmeier

Directed by Drew Mason

May 4-12 2018

Agnes of God is tells the story of a novice nun who gives birth and insists that the child was the result of a virgin conception. A psychiatrist and the mother superior of the convent clash during the resulting investigation. The title is a pun on the Latin phrase Agnus Dei (Lamb of God).

Cast:  Gemma Francis, Marti Ibrahim, Veronica Hannebery

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